Ubefly | Air Card
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Air Card

With the AIR CARD by UBEFLY you have the possibility to buy at dedicated and exclusive rates, and to fly with both a Private Jet and a Helicopter, choosing the category more adapt to your flight requirements.

It allows you to buy flight-credits hours through a pre-paid formula, thus turning the rent service into a guaranteed availability of your jet or helicopter that will always be available for you, as if it were your exclusive property.


The even more convenient thins is that the possessors of the Card will already have paid and will thus not have to lose additional time.

You will also have the possibility to delegate to more than one person for the booking of flights so that, in case of emergency, a relative, an assistant or a business partner can book and pay a Jet or Helicopter at any given moment.


The most interesting thing of this special and exclusive card is going to be the interchangeability of the product.


The credits can indeed be use for both the Jet services and the Helicopter ones, as well as for a combination of them. Furthermore they can be used for all the accessory services that  UBEFLY has to offer.

The UBEFLY “AIR CARD” starts from 10000€ and can be of its multiples.

With the “Introduce a friend” action, the owner of the AIR CARD will have the possibility to present a physical or juridical person that, by buying one of the services, will give him or her a complimentary 2% of the worth of the new card that may directly be accredited on the card: a bonus to be used as one wishes with the UBEFLY services.

With the UBEFLY “AIR CARD” you will have:

A clever financial investment contained by prepaid packs from 10000€ and can of its multiples;

A guaranteed availability of aircrafts;

Eliminated the credit card overcharge problem;

No associative tariff and always-available planes with TOP Priority;

No planes purchase or property spending;

You only pay the flight hours you used;

The possibility to book even two hours before departure;

The availability of 900 planes all over Europe;

Business class catering;

The possibility to take off from the airport that is more convenient to you;

You leave from a private terminal within 15 minutes from your arrival;

Available credit to buy all UBEFLY services (not only the plane ones);

Possibility to introduce a “friend” and benefit from a 3% bonus on the bought card in direct accreditation to the Nominative Card;