Ubefly | Air Deals
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Air Deals

UBEFLY daily offers its clients a series of offers with 30% to 75% discounts.

You will have the possibility to buy a flight with a percentage discount of up to 75% from its real price, always using excellent services, and to have the opportunity to live the luxury and style experience while enjoying the comfort of flying in your private jet while only paying a small part f the standard price.

“Air Deals” allow you to fly with private jets and helicopters that run a route without passengers, usually called “Empty Legs”.

We will help you find these flights, and when it is possible, change their itinerary to make it more similar to your demands. It is an interesting opportunity, that additionally offers the tranquility to know that these flights are organized by the UBEFLY personnel who will always provide the best quality at the best price, all over the world.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of all private jets and helicopter flights operate empty.


UBEFLY offers you the opportunity to take advantage of these “Empty Legs” and save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet or helicopter charter.

The “Empty Legs” usually represent the way back of flight booked by other clients whose prices are highly discounted because the way back or placement of the aircraft has already been paid.

Air Deals

Naturally, if the first clients’ program were to change, e would be forced to cancel an “Empty Leg” booking.

In these case, however rare they are, UBEFLY will commit into offering alternative solutions that guarantee your satisfaction and allow you to reach a pre-chosen destination.

However, UBEFLY will not be held responsible for eventual additional costs or hitches due to this eventuality.

The “Empty Legs” and Air Deals offer an extraordinary price, but given their special nature we cannot guarantee their availability nor their validity for a time exceeding that indicated in the Deals section.

Therefore, before booking or buying one, carefully consider whether it represents the best option for you.

If you wished to know more about these flights, our experts team is at your disposal 24/7.